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Upgraded Reporting Dashboard

Check out some significant usability improvements on our Reporting Dashboard.

COMPAS has made some exciting new changes to the Reports Tab, which now provides a lot more functionality for users looking to report on data in the system.


Report Types: Previously, the reports were broken into three types (Operational, Sales, Recruiting). The reports will still be in these groups, but you now can search based off these types or click on that type at the top and watch all the matching reports load.


Report Descriptions: Before, it was required that you just find the name of the report you were looking for and click into it to see what it truly allowed you to report on. Now, each report comes with its own description so that you can ensure you will be finding the data you are looking for.


Search: The report titles and report descriptions are all searchable, so you can filter down the reports. Each report contains keyword tags, which are also going to be searchable.


Pinning Reports: There will most likely be a few reports which are your “Go To” Reports. COMPAS now gives you the option to pin these reports, which will move it to the top of the page. Every time you go to the Report Tab, these reports are going to be easily accessible at the top.


Quick Stats: On the right-hand side, we provide a few easy to use graphs that give an overview of your company’s statistics. With these, you can filter based off a few data points to quickly see critical information.


Our goal at COMPAS is always to better the user experience while making updates that allow you to spend less time looking through the system and more time recruiting. Reports 2.0 gives you the ability to do just that!


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