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Quality Candidate Experience

With COMPAS, Your Candidates Complete the Web Application Process in 60 Seconds or Less!

Quality Candidate Experience_Apply Fast

A quality candidate experience is crucial to attracting quality candidates. COMPAS Technology recently completed an independent study to get into the minds of candidates and identify what is keeping them from applying to a position. To uncover the mystery, we hooked up some analytical tools to the careers pages of several clients that were interested in participating. Here is the bottom line: if the application process takes longer than 90 seconds, the rate of candidates that bounce (candidates that do not complete the application process) increases significantly.

How does COMPAS speed up the application process?
  1. The candidate finds a job (socially or on a job board)
  2. They are then linked directly to the job on your site
  3. Click ‘Apply’
  4. Then, COMPAS reads the resume and automatically creates a profile for the applicant
  5. Upload resume or apply with LinkedIn
  6. DONE!

    Total time: 60 seconds or After 90 seconds, the bounce rate increases significantly

Below is a study we completed that shows the applicant behavior. When a long application process is presented, you’ll notice the length of time negatively affect of the applicant conversion rate (represented with red dots). COMPAS has designed a simple application process to decrease the length of time it takes to apply for a position. Resulting in an increased number of applications (represented in green dots).


Don’t forget to make sure your application is process mobile accessible.


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