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New UI / UX Available

We are excited about our newly released User Interface.

COMPAS, an Avionté Business, is excited to share new user experience enhancements across the entire platform.


Our new look and feel provides more white space, less clutter, and bolder colors to create a cohesive, more streamlined user experience.


The new bold colors, including a bright blue and berry color, not only provide greater contrast to easily differentiate buttons, statuses, and more, but are also ADA-compliant by meeting WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.


We tested our new colors for contrast based on WCAG 2.1 standards, the global standard of accessibility recommendations that address many disabilities pertaining to vision, color perception, cognition, manual dexterity, and more.


Accessibility will continue to be an important part of any future design updates we make to our platform to ensure we are providing the best user experience possible for all users! The new bright blue will be used as the main background button color, as the modal header bar, in the menu selection, to indicate actionable items and to show what’s a clickable link. The new berry color will show your selections, including selected radials and check boxes, and actionable items. Additionally, more white space and less clutter, makes scanning and reading your data easier, helping you find what you need faster. These new updates work together seamlessly to make your work life easier and more efficient



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