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COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence Platform

Provide recruiters and human resource executive’s powerful data to make informed decisions to drive performance. Our new Business Intelligence solution translates your data into actionable activities.

Recruiting Analytics

COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence gathers, analyzes and displays performance metrics for you. Through our modifiable Business Intelligence Dashboards, you can view a variety of reports with the click of the button. With Recruiting Analytics, answer vital questions and provide valuable insight into your organization so that you can make the most out of your recruiting strategy.

Configure Reports, Analyze Results & Share with Your Team

COMPAS Business Intelligence gives you the power to generate analytical dashboards from a wide array of data points. These reports will help your organization improve decision making, increase operational efficiency, gain insight into individual performance, and identify strengths and weaknesses among your team. Additionally, the platform allows users to share dashboards and automate the distribution of these dashboards or reports to their teammates.

Grow Your Organization

Because COMPAS pulls organizational and performance metrics, compiling these complex data sets into easy to understand dashboards, you have the decision making information you need. You can identify business problems that need to be addressed, or show off areas in which you thrive. COMPAS Business Intelligence is the tool you need in order to beat out the competition.


Through its ability to improve decision making, optimize business processes, and drive operational proficiency, business intelligence data gives you the insight needed to grow your business and take your recruiting performance to the next level.

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COMPAS offers two Recruiting Intelligence platforms tailored to serve both Agency and Corporate Recruiting clients. Click on your recruiting segment below to learn more:

Staffing Agencies

Agency Recruiting Intelligence

Corporate Recruiting

Corp Recruiting Intelligence
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