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Visibility Drives Performance

In order to improve recruiting performance, you need access to more than just good data. Your data must be dynamic enough to be interesting, and tailored to what you want to see.

COMPAS Dashboard

To help maximize the output of your workday, why not use a tool that allows you to easily see and configure your upcoming tasks? With COMPAS, you get just that! Our new Dashboard offers widget functionality, allowing you to configure your entry page and providing you with a heads-up display of the most pertinent items on your daily agenda.

Product Overview: Utilizing Your Dashboard

With COMPAS widgets, customizing your home page could not be easier. Just click Add Widgets from the menu bar and select the desired options. When completed, you then have the ability to rearrange and resize each widget to suit your preferences. Not happy with your design? Simply edit the filter settings or hit ‘X’ at the top of the non-desired widget and watch it disappear.


The key benefit is simple: view your entire day, week, month, or quarter at a glance. Having an application in place to provide a summarized view of your to-do’s is extremely beneficial to productivity. With each user having the option to create an individualized home screen, we are confident that the new COMPAS Dashboard will result in a more effective and efficient work day.


The release of the new Dashboard is all part of our ongoing effort to give users the best possible recruiting experience available.

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