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The Food and Beverage Industry

It’s important that companies leverage technology to manage the constant hiring needs as well as provide a place that is easy for candidates to apply.

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The Food and Beverage industry will remain the nation’s second-largest private sector employer with a workforce of 14 million. Such an active market offers an abundance of employment opportunities that need to be filled at a moment’s notice. But how can one stay on top of this process?

How can I keep my business fully staffed?

Having to deal with a never-ending hiring need is overwhelming. In order to successfully manage the constant stream of new personnel, it requires a platform to automate this process and get new employees up and running quickly. Through a recruiting platform, employee management and the candidate application process become simplified.

How can COMPAS help?

In a market notorious for high levels of employee turnover, maintaining fully staffed departments is a daunting challenge. But there is hope! COMPAS is a tool that will help you successfully manage candidates and make this talent pool accessible across all business locations. COMPAS Recruiting Software provides a central database with a detailed history of all applicants in an easy-to-read interface fully configurable to your organization.


COMPAS also makes it incredibly easy for candidates to apply. In just a few minutes, a candidate can find the job opening and apply to the positions online. A notification is immediately sent directly to your inbox with a link to the applicant’s profile. COMPAS will reduce the time it takes to hire and ensure your entire organization has instant access to one pool of ready to hire candidates.


Automate the hiring process to stay ahead of the churn and fill positions fast!

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