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The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill

“70% of their time is spent on hiring. There are plenty of candidates out there, but finding the right candidates is a huge challenge.”

3rd Crucial Startup Skill

Recruiting – The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill by David Skok focuses on recruiting, a necessary department not usually thought of as a ‘must have’ when starting a business. You’re only going to be as good as your employees, which is why ensuring that you’re recruiting and hiring the best people should be the main component to your business plan. The new key ingredient: a full-time recruiting arm to keep your business growing.



The Problem

The problem is twofold. First, organizations don’t begin the recruiting process until it’s time to hire someone, which is too late. Second, the best candidates are passive candidates and once you have found, built a relationship and convinced them to join your team, way too much time has passed.


The recruiting cycle is lengthy and when you need to fill open positions, you are not given the luxury of time.

The Solution

The solution is single fold and can be solved through proactive candidate sourcing. A proactive recruiting department has a network of viable talent that the recruiter maintains regular contact with; a time consuming task that can be simplified drastically by utilizing a progressive recruiting software, such as COMPAS. Checking-in and maintaining a casual business relationship ensures that your recruiting department will have a pool of warm leads at their fingertips.


With that said, in order for the proactive sourcing plan to work, recruiters need to be privy to the business development roadmap so they can start nurturing from appropriate talent network. By giving a recruiter 3 – 12 months of notice that the company would like to add to a specific group – Engineering, Human Resources, Customer Service, etc. – they can begin engaging with those talent pools in a more methodical manner. Similar to the best candidates being passive candidates, the best time to begin the hiring process is when you don’t need positions filled right away.

About David Skok

David is a five time serial entrepreneur turned VC at Matrix Partners.

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