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TechServe Alliance Conference

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On behalf of COMPAS Technology, we would like to thank TechServe Alliance for putting together another exciting conference this year. Due to TechServe’s large network, we were able to connect with some of the most influential people and organizations within the IT and engineering staffing and solutions industry.


“It was great to be able to showcase the power of COMPAS to the TechServe community. COMPAS always had people at the booth and there was a lot of interest.” said David Small, Director of Agency Sales.

Introducing the COMPAS platform to those who were unfamiliar, as well as re-introducing for those who had seen our product in the past, was one of the highlights. COMPAS has made great strides, both technically and visually, so it was exciting to be able to share this with the TechServe community.


In case time got away and you were unable to stop by our booth, click here and we would love to set up a time to introduce you to COMPAS.


See you next year!

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