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TalentBin Integration

With the click of a button, create profiles in COMPAS directly from a prospects social networking page.

TalentBin Integration

COMPAS Offers Direct Integration to TalentBin

The TalentBin Integration gives you the ability to scour the web and find the best candidates for your open jobs. This feature takes TalentBin’s talent search engine to turbo-charges talent discovery and then – with the click of a button – create profiles in COMPAS directly from a prospects social networking page.

How This Will Improve Your Recruiting Process

Directly from the COMPAS’s Applicant Tracking System, users have the ability to utilize TalentBin to scour the entire professional web and social media communities to find and engage with the candidates who meet their specific experience and skills requirements – creating richer talent pools than ever before. TalentBin offers an API for seamless integrations within COMPAS which allows you to easily import candidate profiles into your applicant tracking system with a single click. As soon as a viable candidate has been found, their COMPAS profile can be created almost instantaneously. This is an incredible time saver that will streamline your recruiting efforts and take candidate sourcing to new heights.

About TalentBin

Based in San Francisco, TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine, turning the web into a virtually endless talent sourcing database. By crawling targeted professional networking sites to pull together composite web resumes — adding vital skills and expertise to traditionally sparse profiles — it helps make fast and definitive job matches. TalentBin has aggregated over 200 million professional profiles to date, and provides user access from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API.


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