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Talent Management Automation

We have designed our applicant tracking and customer management platform to get

you closer to a fully automated recruiting process.

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The COMPAS ATS | CRM Recruiting Platform provides you with best-in-class CRM and candidate pipelining tools. If you are tracking your pipeline of prospective talent outside of your ATS, give us a shout and we will happily provide a tour. We have designed our applicant tracking and customer management platform to get you closer to a fully automated recruiting process.


COMPAS’ Talent Management Automation is easier to customize and cooperates seamlessly with your workflow. With the ability to perform mass actions, configure columns, view job statistics, and view documents via slide-out windows, we are confident these changes will have a positive impact on your recruiting process.


With the New Talent Manager you will notice improvements in the following areas:

Slide-out Windows

This slide-out window allows you to work on and view two parts of the application simultaneously, and is by far the most noticeable change. Previously, a selected document would pop-out, dimming the rest of the screen while you viewed the file. But now, Talent Manager features slide-out windows. This means that when you click to view a resume, pipeline/nominate/decline candidates, create tags, add comments, log activities, start a candidate on a job, and so on and so forth, you can perform these actions while keeping parts of the page viewable to work on, without having to close out the document you’ve selected to view.

Customizable Columns

The importance of information is not considered equal from person to person, which is why COMPAS gives you the ability to select which column categories you display on your screen. To set the categories you would like your columns to display, simply go to the drop-down menu and select the categories that are meaningful to you and your workflow.Additionally, you will notice how these columns and other actions through Talent Manager 2.0 update immediately.

Mass Actions

Being able to make a change that will update multiple applicants at once is a huge time saver. By checking boxes next to the applicants you wish to update – such as pipelining, nominating or emailing applicants – our Mass Action option allows you to update multiple applicants simply by checking the boxes next to their names (or checking the select all box), and then executing the action once.


These easy-to-view badge icons are located at the top of the page so you can quickly identify key statistics for the job you’re viewing. At a glance, you can see data figures for a wide array of categories, from total nominees and candidates pipelined, to number of web applicants and days to fill. You will also notice that when you click on the blue badges, you will be immediately taken to that bucket.

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