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Stop Dialing and Start Engaging

The simple act of dialing the phone and logging activities takes away an average of 2 hours a week of a recruiters time. This is a significant amount of time, and a GIANT pain.

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Did you know?

Recruiters can spend an average of 2 hours per week just dialing the phone and logging activities. This is a significant amount of time, and a GIANT pain. Because dialing the phone and the activity tracking process are disjointed, it causes your team to lose focus which results in poor activity levels and inadequate performance.

Why is Click-to-Dial important?

High performing recruiters need focus, speed and consistency to be successful. Providing your team with a tool that streamlines the call and activity logging process will bring attention back to where it should be. Click-to-Dial ensures that recruiter focus will never be lost to dialing the phone or logging an activity. Providing a click-to-dial app will bring praise from your users.

How can this be solved?

If you’re using a VoIP system, you can leverage a softphone and connect that directly to COMPAS. This will create a smooth click-to-dial and activity logging process, and eliminate the mundane tasks of dialing and logging.

For a quick overview, check it out live:

Breathe life back into your outbound recruiting performance!


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