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Social Recruiting

Automate the posting of your open jobs onto a multitude of social and professional networking sites.

Social Recruiting

Share Job Openings Easier on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Via the COMPAS Technology share feature, you now have the ability to automate job posting through the three top social and professional networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This functionality also allows you to manually post your open job requisitions onto the multitude of other social and professional networking sites that exist. If you utilize LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote open positions, we have no doubt that COMPAS Auto-Share will be a welcomed addition to your current process.

Simplify Your Job Posting Process

COMPAS Auto-Share simplifies and streamlines staffing and recruiting by giving you the ability to set automated postings to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook at the frequency of your choosing. You can match the posting frequency across all three platforms, or you may set each site to post at individually specified days and times. Auto-Share also gives you the power to post, re-post and refresh open positions by allowing you to “set it and forget it” until your openings have been filled.

How It Works

Through the COMPAS system, choose the social media site(s) you would like to post through, enter the log-in information you have set for each application and then authorize that account information. Once the external site accounts have been validated, simply go into the Job Board and set-up the desired job posting details.

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