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Sign New Hires with EchoSign

Cypress HCM gets candidate on-boarding documents signed, returned, and stored faster than before because they sign new hires with EchoSign.


Peter Dunkle, Director of Recruiting for Cypress HCM, wanted to improve his team’s ability to on-board candidates faster and more efficiently. On-boarding approximately 20 contractors per week, this is an area of the business that needs to run smoothly and efficiently. “We are constantly looking for better, more efficient processes to improve our company. We need to ensure we continue to exceed both our clients’ and candidates’ expectations, and the challenges only get greater as the business grows.”

What Cypress Needed

Cypress’s process for on-boarding candidates was slow and labor intensive. Scan, attach, and email on-boarding documents to candidates. Candidates would then have to open each attachment, print, sign, scan, and email/fax them back. “At best it took our candidates 48-72 hours to get all the documents signed and back to us”, states Dunkle. “When you start multiplying that [48-72 hours] by 20 contractors per week, we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars lost to an inefficient and dated processes.” Not to mention the time consumed to collect each candidate’s signed documents and store them into their appropriate profile in COMPAS.

The Solution

“When I found out COMPAS had just finished their integration with EchoSign, I was excited.” With EchoSign, Cypress is now able to send all on-boarding documentation to candidates in one electronic package. Their candidates can then sign the documents instantly on their computer or mobile device. “Our record for getting on-boarding documents back is 9 minutes, and the candidate signed them on their iPhone!”, although 9 minutes isn’t typical, “our typical turnaround time now to get our candidates’ signed documents back is within 2-6 hours. Also, with COMPAS’s integration with EchoSign, all the candidate’s documents are automatically stored in a secure location for collaboration purposes. We no longer need to scavenge our Outlook folders to find signed documents.”


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