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COMPAS Technology Launches a New Fully Integrated Recruiting Intelligence Platform, Enabling Businesses to Leverage Existing ATS Data into Actionable Information.

Give Recruiters and Human Resource Executives accurate and powerful data so that they can monitor performance and drive business forward.

San Francisco, CA. September 25, 2015 – COMPAS Technology, an enterprise cloud-based ATS/CRM platform, adds more power to your recruiting engine by way of Business Intelligence Dashboards.


COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence gathers, analyzes and displays valuable performance metrics. Through our modifiable Business Intelligence Dashboards, you can view a variety of data fully integrated to COMPAS’s ATS Platforms. This platform answers vital questions and provides valuable insight into the recruiting organization’s performance to make informed decisions in real-time.


“We first spent a great deal of time studying how users generate meaningful reports. Today, most ATS providers allow customers to generate excel reports or the option to integrate with third party partners. This leads to increased costs, horrible usability issues, poor data quality and ultimately zero collaborative options. Today we’re providing customers a simplistic business intelligence platform that enables our users to configure dashboards, share them with teammates and automate the distribution of them.” Nishad Amin – Director of Data at COMPAS Technology


By pulling organizational and performance metrics and compiling complex data sets into easy to understand dashboards, COMPAS empowers you to process improvement decisions faster, increase operational efficiency, gain insight into individual performance, and identify strengths and weaknesses within your team. In short, you can identify business problems that need to be addressed and show off areas in which you thrive.


“We’ve already seen some exciting customer results from this offering. Since we use our own platform for Recruiting, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success, I can speak directly from experience. This offering has delivered an immediate impact to our business. I’m excited for what the future holds for our customers as we continue to aggressively innovate.” Brian Vesce – Founder & CEO

About COMPAS Technology

COMPAS Technology, headquartered in San Francisco, provides industry leading cloud-based ATS & CRM solutions to the Corporate Enterprise and Recruiting Agencies. Since 2008, COMPAS has been committed to helping recruiters and human resource professionals leverage true cloud based recruiting software to source, engage and recruit highly qualified talent. To learn more, visit web.mycompas.com or follow @mycompas on Twitter.

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