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With COMPAS Recruiting Agency Analytics, you give your recruiters, sales reps and executives accurate and powerful data so that they can monitor performance and drive productivity. Through our configurable BI Dashboards, you can view a variety of reports with the click of the button. Please take a look below to view the most commonly pulled recruiting agency analytics reports:

Recruiter Ratios

Job Forecasting

Sales Performance

Resource Allocation

Recruiter Submittal Ratios

Via Metrics Reporting, you can evaluate a recruiter’s submittal ratio, helping you gauge the productivity of your recruiters. As a manager, you can easily view potential breakdowns in the process and identify the cause of poor recruiter performance.


For example, a recruiter submits many candidates but very few of those submittals make it to the interview stage. With this information, you can evaluate, address, and fix the reps candidate qualifying ability.

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Job Board Forecasting

This allows you to predict the gross profit and potential revenue which can be gained from your open positions. Run these reports to identify your most valuable opportunities, and to set revenue goals for the future.

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Sales Performance Analysis

Sales Reports gather massive sets of sales data and compiles those findings into an easy to view and adjustable dashboard. Here you can change filters, remove columns and dive deep into the source data. This report offers unparalleled insight into recruiter output and gives you the power to make adjustments to improve sales performance.

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Snapshot Resource Allocation

By running a Snapshot Report, it allows reps to quickly view open jobs and see where candidates are within the hiring process, increasing operational efficiency. At a glance, an Operational Snapshot makes it easy for recruiters, sales reps and managers to stay on top of candidates during the recruiting and hiring process.

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