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COMPAS Recruiting Software will increase your firms revenue. With our all-in-one ATS, CRM, and Time & Attendance platform, your operating costs will be drastically reduced.


Talent CRM

Video Interviews

On Boarding


Recruiting Intelligence

Client Relationship Management

COMPAS Recruiting Software provides complete CRM capabilities that work in unison with the ATS and internal Job Board Manager. This is a comprehensive solution that allows the HR team to manage relationships with hiring managers, vendors and partners from the same system you use to manage all of your recruiting operations.


Relationship Management

Here you can manage all client information. COMPAS has built-in search capabilities to allow your sales representatives to easily create and organize client networks. Integrated social networking tools include company contact searches via LinkedIn®, external postings via SimplyHired®, and current events via Google News™.


Customer Manager

COMPAS CRM will manage all correspondence with prospective contacts, customer contacts, third party vendor contacts, etc. Follow-up and to-do tasks related to contacts can also be created with an option to sync to your COMPAS Task Manager to your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Job Order Tracking
  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Sales Sourcing
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COMPAS Job Manager

Job Order Management

From a centralized location, track and manage all job openings. With clearly defined ownership and accountability settings, the efficiency of your staffing team will increase and timely follow-up with candidates will be achieved.


COMPAS allows your company to organize all information and data related to open requisitions in order to collaborate with hiring managers, interviewers, vendors and HR representatives.

  • Job Order Management
  • Automated Job Distribution
  • Candidate Activity Management
  • Interview Scheduling
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Candidate & Client Sourcing | Echo

Echo is a sourcing plug-in that gives recruiting and sales the ability to parse and import candidates, companies, and contacts directly into COMPAS straight from the most popular professional networks. These networks are filled with viable talent, and thanks to Echo, you can quickly create and import prospects and companies into COMPAS, right from their social profile.


Taking advantage of Echo requires little work on your end. When you open a profile on one of the supported sites, Echo will slide in from the right-hand side of your browser window and you’ll be able to easily import that profile directly into COMPAS.

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Meet Echo

Website Integration

COMPAS powers your Careers Page through the most configurable iFrame on the market. Representatives of your organization can post, remove, and/or alter positions at any time, without the aid of a Web Developer or Web Master. The Careers Page makes it easy for candidates to apply directly to your ATS so that your recruiting team can track applicants by position. Additionally, COMPAS will automatically send your job descriptions out to career search engines for mass distribution.

  • Careers Page Setup
  • Applicant Portal
  • Pre-Screening Questions
  • EEO/OFCCP Compliance Survey
  • Automated Notification Process
  • Applicant Marketing Information
  • Integration API’s Available (JSON, RSS, XML)
  • Mobile Enabled
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Integrated Job Distribution

When it comes to filling positions, spreading the word is half the battle. COMPAS knows this, which is why we offer extensive job distribution capabilities.


Directly from your COMPAS account, you can post and send jobs to our content partner network. A network which includes every major social network and some of the world’s largest job boards.


Our integrated job distribution provides you with increased visibility, efficiency and speed, to help you get your open positions filled and off the board.

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Socially Integrated


Social networking is as powerful as it’s ever been, so in order to keep COMPAS as one of the most powerful ATS/CRM providers on the market, incorporating social functionality was a must. We feature tools that enable you to send job postings socially, store and match candidates against their social accounts, and single click apply for candidate applications.

  • Automated Social Postings
  • One Click Social Postings
  • One Click Social Candidate Application
  • Candidate Social Profiles
  • Social Sourcing
  • Social Sales Prospecting
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Talent Search Engine

COMPAS Talent Search turns your database into the go-to place for candidate sourcing, ensuring that you find top talent 5 times faster. With COMPAS, you will find talent easily, engage with candidates fast, and manage those relationships directly within our Talent CRM.

    • Comprehensive Search Capabilities
    • Automated Applicant Finder
    • Applicant Document Manager
    • Applicant Processing
    • Online Applicant Portal
    • Best in Class Parsing
    • Contact & Activity Management
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    Talent CRM

    The Pipeline Manager is where the applicant and/or candidate are placed before being submitted to the manager. From the Pipeline, you can view candidate’s resume, change their pipeline status, reject the candidate for the position, or move them to next phase of the hiring process and nominate them.


    The Pipeline Manager is a great way to see your candidate pool and monitor where they are within the application process.

      • Nominate a Candidate
      • Bulk Pipeline Actions
      • Targeted Email Marketing
      • Job Activity & Pre-Screening Notes
      • Easy Split Desk Collaboration
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      Video Interviewing

      Video Conferencing is integrated into all editions of COMPAS. Our Video Conferencing feature is a great way to collaborate with co-workers in other offices, ensuring all teams and departments are organized and informed.

        • Internal Recruiting Screens
        • Manager Interviews
        • Multi-office Collaboration
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        Client & Candidate Onboarding

        By allowing HR to create a paperless process with the existing onboarding documentation, COMPAS will take your internal onboarding process to the next level. Our electronic onboarding gives your HR team more visibility, and significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to complete onboarding documentation.

          • Configurable Workflows
          • Seamless Electronic Signature
          • Mobile Enabled
          • Keep your Existing Documents
          • Full Visibility
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          Document Management

          COMPAS Documents Manager is designed to allow internal documentation to be easy, secure and collaborative.


          Folder Creation & Editing:

          Easily create folders and add files simply by dragging and dropping documents into the desired locations.


          Document Previewing:

          Simply hover and select the preview icon to quickly view the desired file, without the extra step of having to download first.


          Secure or Share:

          We’ve enhanced the security and permissions for sharing of folders and individual documents. Just select the folder or document and mark as ‘private’ to share only with specific groups or users.


          Unlimited Storage:

          We do not have storage limitations, so you are free to upload as needed for endless collaboration.

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            Back Office Management


            Back Office Management

            If your organization is looking to maximize profitability, cutout administrative burdens, and streamline back office processing, then the Enterprise Edition of COMPAS is for you.


            Time & Expense Capture

            Automate your timesheet, expense approvals and purchase order processing via COMPAS’ own fully automated Time & Attendance System. Once you fill a contract, COMPAS creates user access for both manager and consultant, and sends out an automated email with their credentials.


            Accounting Integration

            Stop the manual entry and allow COMPAS to provide your accounting software with all the information it needs in order to produce invoices and track sales activity.


            Payroll Integration

            If you process your own payroll or use an outsourced payroll processing company, COMPAS will provide your organization with the ability to automate the transfer of that data. Our Enterprise Edition will eliminate administrative burdens, duplicate entries, and manual errors.

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              Time & Expense Management

              Give consultants and managers the ability to streamline the time and attendance approval process.


              Automated Notification Process

              Consultants and managers can be notified via email immediately after a process is started. Emails are automatically generated and sent to managers once a contractor submits time for approval. In return, candidates are notified when a manager approves or rejects a time.


              Time Stamping

              When an action item occurs, a time stamp will track the user’s movement through the approval or rejection process, and provide a record that is viewable to all parties involved.


              Notation Capture

              Consultants and managers have the ability to provide a notation during each point along the process. For example, consultants may enter a notation when they submit their timesheet, and managers can enter a notation when rejecting a submitted timesheet.


              Usage Reporting

              COMPAS can provide reports detailing unit (hours) consumption by each resource and the cost associated with each requisition.

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                Customer Portals

                COMPAS Recruiting Software has an integrated CRM, allowing you to collaborate with your customers. This is a distinct advantage which will differentiate your agency and service offerings from the competition.


                Recruitment Process Outsourcing

                Use this to provide customers with more visibility into RPO strategies and offerings.


                Employer of Record Services

                Provide your customers the ability to onboard new contractors for payroll and employer of record services.


                Time & Expense Management

                Your customers can log into COMPAS via their personal client portal to review active contractors in order to approve time and expenses.


                Project Based Recruitment

                If your agency drives project based recruitment solutions, our client portal provides a suite of configurable offerings to manage the entire workflow.

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                  Recruiting & Sales Business Intelligence


                  Via the COMPAS Dashboard, users can quickly pull and extract data to Microsoft Excel for analysis. The layout of the reports are uniquely modifiable, allowing users to quickly arrange figures by clicking the preferred header. COMPAS offers detailed reports for:


                              • Equal Employment Opportunity
                              • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
                              • Purchase Order Report
                              • Contractor Forecast Reports
                              • Job Board Forecast Reports
                              • Job Board Insight Reports


                    Recruiting Reports

                              • Recruiting Stats
                              • Candidate Processing
                              • Recruiter Performance


                    Sales Reports

                                • Sales Stats/Activities
                                • Client Contact Reports
                                • Opportunity Reports
                                • Manager Processing
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                    COMPAS Business Intelligence reporting


                    Whether you’re in the office or out at meetings, you can access COMPAS quickly and easily, directly from your mobile device. Because our system is fully mobile enabled, you are given quick and easy access to company, candidate and contact information whenever you’re not in the office.


                    Search and view contact information from your mobile device so that you can recruit on the go.

                      • iPhone, Android and Windows Compatibility
                      • Developed with a Responsive Design
                      • No App Downloading Required
                      • Designed with Mobile and Full Site Accessibility
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                      Email Sync & Communication

                      COMPAS offers direct integration to any email platform, making collaboration a breeze.


                      Outlook Integration

                      Sync emails directly from Outlook to the COMPAS profiles of those included in the email message. This add-on is a valuable tool, as it streamlines workflow and makes your workday more productive.


                      Gmail Integration

                      Seamlessly sync email correspondence between candidates, managers and vendors right from their browser.


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