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About VML

VML employs “Design Thinking” to develop impactful solutions for our clients. This consumer-centered design approach places consumer needs and wants at the center of the strategic discussion, ensuring that strategy and tactics act as an accelerant to real-life behavior. Our “Innovation through Design Thinking” philosophy ensures that engagements are relevant, timely and add value to consumers’ lives and their interaction with brands. Our approach leads us to develop solutions and platforms that are channel agnostic, measurable and harnesses consumer behavior into actionable insights that deepen brand relationships.


The Challenge

VML is a creative marketing company that is always looking for innovative, artistic people. Before implementing the COMPAS corporate tool, they had to track all of their candidates through Outlook. Aside from thousands of resumes bogging down their email system, they did not have a user friendly tool that allowed the internal recruitment team to track potential candidates throughout the hiring process.


The Solution

VML needed a tool that was easy to learn and well organized. Fortunately, COMPAS made a very user friendly interface that all of the HR team quickly adapted to and now use on a daily basis. Additionally, by partnering with COMPAS, this aggressively growing marketing agency is also able to easily track potential candidates from the web, staffing vendors, and referrals for all of their openings.

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