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About Pratt & Miller

For over 20 years Pratt & Miller has used the world’s legendary race tracks as technology proving grounds to develop many race programs, including Corvette Racing, the most successful team in the history of the American Le Mans Series.


As a dominant force in professional motorsports, the team uses a proven formula of integrating talented people, developing robust processes, and investing in advanced technology. Pratt & Miller’s world-renowned motorsports operation has evolved into the innovative, full-service engineering and low volume manufacturing company it is today. With over 250 employees, Pratt & Miller is proudly serving a global customer base including those in the Defense, Automotive, and Powersports industries.


Winning the prestigious “24 Hours of Le Mans” seven times is a testament to the company’s dedication to being the best in all they do. The most stringent quality requirements are met, within the most time-compressed deadlines. These criteria require a special skill set; and, as a Detroit Free Press Top 100 Workplace, it’s all about atmosphere and drive.


The Challenge

In 2010, Pratt & Miller had 89 employees and a growing project base. With no Applicant Tracking System in place, and no HR Department to benchmark one, Hiring Managers were scheduling interviews, cobbling together feedback, and pushing out offer letters. In 2011, an HR Department was created, but the issue of how to adequately track the hundreds of resumes that arrived each month, continued.
The task of benchmarking an ATS for a growing company can be inundating, but HR Manager, Dena Callahan, took to the job with the passion and vigor that makes Pratt & Miller such a special company.


“I needed a system that was flexible, that would allow the 20 or so Hiring Managers to help me screen resumes” says Callahan. “It had to be easy to use, quick to implement, and reliable. With 50% of our candidates coming from in-house recommendations; referral tracking, resume upload, and the capability of allowing candidates to submit multiple resumes for different positions were key qualities. We hire amazing people to do amazing work, so screening resumes for key skill sets is a must-have. In addition, I know that our employees produce an excellent product because they like what they do. When I was searching for an ATS, I grilled the sales reps for information on their happiness, and asked them about the growth of their company. In short, I liked the answers COMPAS provided the most….and the monster-spreadsheet I create.”

The Solution

COMPAS’s web-based platform, integration with Outlook, capability to post open jobs to the Pratt & Miller website and social media pages, in addition to the filtering, and searchable tagging capabilities are what really made COMPAS stand out from the competition. For Pratt & Miller, a company that hires hands-on, technical workers (like welders) to theoretical, innovation driven workers (like engineers); COMPAS makes life easier.

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