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About Phoenix Staff

Phoenix Staff does things differently. Other than being very hands-on and engaged throughout the search process, they take the time to learn the dynamics of the people they work with – client as well as candidate. They match people with the companies when the paired skills and competencies will lead to greater success for all involved. Knowing this industry succeeds is not the philosophy that sets them apart, it’s the fact that they believe it and put it into practice every day.


The Challenge

Phoenix Staff is a successful and growing company and they needed a CRM that was as progressive as they were. Held back by software that limited which browsers they could use, restricted them to a single operating system, provided limited features and left them with a job board with much to be desired. They were using an outdated system with no changes in sight and needed something more.


Bottom line: the team was ready for an upgrade.


The Solution

And so began the search for a customizable system with mobile functionality and robust reporting capabilities [enter COMPAS]. Phoenix Staff was sold on COMPAS’s mobility, sharing activities, job board (both aesthetically and functionally), intuitiveness and seamless migration. In COMPAS they found software that looked current and utilized the latest technology. The team was quick to adopt their new CRM and as a result, Phoenix Staff is recruiting better and faster than ever before.


“With COMPAS you can assign multiple people to a role, sourcers, recruiters and account managers. Pulling job reports that you are the owner of allows for easy production and focus meetings. Sharing activities and pipelining candidates are other great features”.

 – Keith Bailly (Regional Director)


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