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About Myelin Resources


For nearly two decades, Myelin has delivered top technology talent so that leading organizations can dominate their markets. Myelin Resources was founded with a mission to positively impact organizations and enhance the careers of their consultants and candidates. They are a leading and innovative boutique IT consulting and executive search firm providing national consulting solutions with a full range of practice management.


The Challenge


Having used several applicant tracking systems over the course of two decades in the staffing industry, Myelin had expert insight into what made a good recruiting platform, as well as exactly what their organization needed. Unsatisfied with what they had used in the past, the team was looking for a new system that was configurable, user-friendly, and offered a direct integration with QuickBooks accounting software.


The Solution


COMPAS for Staffing – Professional Edition. A great first meeting, followed by immediately delivering on every item that was discussed during the demonstrations, COMPAS made an impression right off the bat. With a flawless data implementation, seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, and a candidate search functionality that lived up to the hype, Myelin Resources is extremely happy that they chose COMPAS.


“I had worked with several other ATS companies in my 20+ years of experience in the IT staffing industry. I loved the flexibility that COMPAS offered as well as the functionality.”

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