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About Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks is an Internet platform and services company that integrates the most business-critical parts of the online content value chain. Our solutions enable customers to profit from the shift of content and advertising to the online world; the explosive growth of mobile and connected devices; and the migration of IT applications and services to the cloud.


The Challenge

Limelight Networks is a global cloud based computing platform with 500+ employees. Although Limelight had HireDesk ®, the internal team was not using it. They were looking for something that had a much more user friendly interface and that the internal team could communicate back and forth within. As a growing organization they also had to have ability to collaborate with teams throughout the organization.


The Solution

Since teaming up with COMPAS Technology, Limelight’s internal recruiting team has become fully invested in the product and use it on a daily basis. This includes identifying great candidates and seamlessly moving them through the full recruiting cycle by utilizing COMPAS’s best in class interview scheduling and automated feedback features.


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