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About Independent Stave Company
Independent Stave Company is a family-owned, dynamic, global company reaching customers in over 40 countries and cooperages around the world. Every day, millions of people enjoy beverages aged in their wine and whiskey barrels.
A century since the company’s founding, Independent Stave Company still embraces the core values of family, innovation, community and hard work. Total commitment to quality and service has made them the leading cooperage company in the world, thanks to the unfailing support of their satisfied customers.
The Challenge


It was time for Independent Stave Company to move away from Excel spreadsheets in order to improve the quality of their hires. As the team began to search for an applicant tracking system, they had their eyes peeled for one that was functionally intuitive, integrated seamlessly into their website, attracted talent to their careers page, and allowed them to post jobs directly to online jobs boards.
The Solution


COMPAS for Corporate – Professional Edition. The transition from paper and spreadsheets to a modern applicant tracking system has been a game-changer. Since implementing COMPAS, the team has noticed an increase in applicants, a decrease in the time to fill, and an overall improvement in their methodology. With COMPAS in place, Independent Stave Company is noticing a positive impact on their recruiting and hiring performance.
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