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About Fehr & Peers


Fehr & Peers specializes in providing transportation planning and engineering services to public and private sector clients. They emphasize the development of creative, cost-effective, and results-oriented solutions to planning and design problems associated with all modes of transportation.


The Challenge


Fehr & Peers’ previous applicant tracking system was lacking the functionality needed to effectively support their unique selection process. In support of employee empowerment and innovation, they have an autonomous culture where hiring decisions are made at local office and regional levels, often resulting in resource sharing between offices.


The team was looking to improve their current process, in search of an ATS that would increase collaboration and communication between long-distance hiring managers who may not be able to connect between each step. A system that would make candidate information easily accessible, provide customization and flexibility, and create a cost-effective workflow to allow them to maximize resources.


The Solution


COMPAS for Corporate – Professional Edition. Fehr & Peers chose COMPAS for its easy to use, customizable system that is adaptable enough to meet the unique needs of their highly collaborative recruiting process. Quick access to real-time candidate information, intuitive searching capabilities, and dedicated customer support are what made COMPAS their top choice.


“Our hiring managers have praised COMPAS for being easy to use and making candidate notes available at a glance.”

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Fehr & Peers


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