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EMPULSE Co. is a technical recruitment agency that helps companies build exceptional teams through their recruiting efforts, advisement, and long term relationships. They guide candidates through the recruitment process to find them the right opportunities. For EMPULSE, this means close relationships with hiring managers to fully understand their needs, and listening carefully to candidates to connect them with the proper fit.


The Challenge


As a growing company, EMPULSE needed a system that gave them the power to top their competition; one that worked with them, not against them. Prior to COMPAS, they were utilizing a recruiting platform that was click-heavy, hard to navigate, and just an overall hindrance to their workflow. Fed up, they began their search for new recruiting software. One that improved recruiting efficiency and kept the team organized.


The Solution


COMPAS for Staffing – Professional Edition. EMPULSE was impressed with the modern interface, constant product updates, and how easy the COMPAS platform is to navigate. Additionally, there was a COMPAS Echo. Echo is unique feature that makes it easy for them to put candidates into the system, making their lives much easier.
Thanks to COMPAS, the team is much more organized when it comes to position allocation for recruiters, tracking candidates through the recruiting process, and are given greater insight into company and team performance through COMPAS business intelligence reports.

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