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About Booyah

Booyah, headquartered in San Francisco, is the market leader in real-world & location –based gaming. The company is founded on the premise that “where you play matters” and creates compelling, innovative mass-market entertainment products & services that have been enjoyed by tens of millions of worldwide. Booyah has partnered with leading consumer brands including H&M, Pantene, Olay, Paul Frank, Disney, Subway, Adidas, MTV and others to connect engaged gamers with the products they love.


The Challenge

As demand for Booyah’s Real-World Social Games and iPhone Apps grew, they did not have an HR software in place to track, coordinate, and retain the top applicants they were targeting. As a fast growing company they needed a solution that scales and fully integrates with their email platform.


The Solution

Having no software in place, COMPAS teamed with Booyah to internalize their entire recruiting process on one platform. With full careers page integration, Booyah now has the ability to post and edit positions in seconds. With COMPAS’s Gmail integration, Booyah can sync calendars and coordinate recruiting efforts even faster amidst their ever increasing web applicant traffic.

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