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About BetterHire


Too often, employers and employees are put in a position to settle for a short term hire that satisfies the status quo. But that’s not good enough in today’s competitive marketplace. Today, companies have to make better hires, not status quo hires – everybody has to be better than they were yesterday. BetterHire makes it their job to secure a better hire by finding people who work better together.


The Challenge


Their previous system did not correlate well with the natural recruiting workflow – the software was more of a hindrance than an advantageous business tool. Unsatisfied, the BetterHire team looked for a replacement. As they began their research, they were hoping to find a CRM that would be a tool for success, and allowed the recruiters to focus on filling positions and building relationships, not wasting time dealing with a cumbersome application.


The Solution


COMPAS for Staffing – Professional Edition. Now with COMPAS, BetterHire is able to easily monitor the status of applicants and jobs, measure performance, and manage recruiter production. COMPAS is allowing the team to focus on building relationships and growing business. The results of which have been a huge success.


“We love seeing how COMPAS introduces new features every few months to improve our efficiency. Overall we are very impressed on how COMPAS has made a product that brings some of the best practices in recruiting.”


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