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About 5280 Staffing Solutions
5280 Staffing Solutions was founded on the principle of partnering with their clients, customers, and candidates to provide a smarter and more efficient way of working. From an employer’s perspective, 5280 understands that partnering with the right staffing company can maximize the value of your most important asset, your people. Their strong experience across a variety of disciplines backed by an innovative staffing process, 5280 Staffing delivers results that will add direct value to your business.
The Challenge


As a staffing agency making a splash in the staffing world, the team at 5280 was on the market for an applicant tracking system to foster their growth. In addition, they were looking for a system that could be tailored to their needs and adhere to their workflow. An out of the box, ‘one size fits all’ application was not going to cut it.


The Solution


COMPAS for Staffing – Professional Edition. With COMPAS’ personalized workflow, ease of posting jobs, and ability to track candidates, 5280 Staffing’s recruiting process has been drastically streamlined. COMPAS is continuously improving upon and adding features, and with their attentive and knowledgeable customer success representative, the team is always equipped with the information necessary to take advantage of all that COMPAS has to offer.

“We have been extremely satisfied with COMPAS thus far.”


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