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About the Client:

52 Limited is located at the intersection of left brain and right brain, representing both creative and the more cerebral thinkers and strategists of the broader communications industry.  52 Limited operates out of Portland and New York City, providing wide a range of creative resources from talent staffing, placement and recruitment, to an eclectic suite of creative services.


The Challenge:

As 52 Limited’s business was expanding, several technological and process related challenges arose. Their current recruiting platform did not support Safari or Mac Operating Systems, forcing them to work in parallels. Their platform also had zero email and calendaring integration with their Gmail Business Edition account. With the projected growth of the organization, these factors were definitely going to cause challenges in the very near future.


The Result:

With the help of COMPAS Technology and proper planning, 52 Limited was able to convert over to the Staffing Enterprise Edition of COMPAS within 48 hours. Their entire organization now utilizes one platform for all front and back office needs. Below is a condensed list on how COMPAS met those needs:

  • Eliminated the need to run in parallels because of COMPAS’s cross browser compatibility.
  • Gave the ability to sync emails and calendars from the Gmail Business Edition.
  • Provided a multi-office (multi-tenancy) capability between the New York & Portland locations, improving collaboration while maintaining the security of interoffice information.
  • Streamlined the consultant time entry and approval process with a cloud based time & attendance system.
  • Increased community engagement.
  • Provided a direct integration with QuickBooks to automate the invoice creation and account processes.

“Our experience at 52 Limited has been terrific…everything from the planning stages, implementation, go live, constant product enhancements, and support have all exceeded my expectations. It removes my need to worry about the technology so I can focus on my business.”


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