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About 3pod

Founded in Montreal in 2007 by Frédérick Brassard and Stephan Bitton, 3pod rapidly became an organization with an international reach and an established reputation in finding the most in-demand talents. With strong roots in technology, creative and innovative industries, 3pod has become a strategic partner for high profile studios, production houses and technology companies, helping them lead the competition with the most effective talent management strategy.


The Challenge

As 3pod began to grow it soon became vital for them to pull, analyze, and hire talent from a much larger area than they were used to. It was rapidly becoming evident that they needed to upgrade their recruiting software to one that could meet the demands of their increased business.


The Solution

COMPAS Staffing – Professional Edition. With the expanded reach and ability to build a high quality list of applicants, 3pod is able to deliver top quality talent to their internal hiring manger faster and easier than ever before. That combined with COMPAS’s easy to use functionality and integration abilities made COMPAS the right choice.


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