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Onboard with Adobe Sign

Onboarding a consultant involves documentation which requires a lot of manual entry for both parties. This is not only a nuisance, but also very time consuming. With this pain point in mind, COMPAS has enhanced our integration with Adobe Sign to automatically populate forms and contracts with data so that you can complete the onboarding process in no time.



For all your onboarding paperwork, contracts, forms, and agreements, our integration with Adobe Sign will speed up the creation, execution, and transcription of your documentation. They key feature areas are:


Merge Fields & Auto-fill. COMPAS merge benefits you in two ways. First, before you send out a document, merge fields pull a variety of information specific to the candidate, job, and company from COMPAS to auto populate forms for you. Second, fields that require data unique to individuals – name, address, tax information, etc. – will be transcribed and the responses will automatically parse into their COMPAS profile.


Email Notifications. Once the document is received, viewed, and signed, you will be alerted with an email notification for each action taken. This allows you to monitor the process and reach out in case there are any delays.


Accessibility. Whether you’re in COMPAS or the Adobe Library, you can access your documents wherever you may be.


Easily prepare, send, track, and manage contracts, forms, agreements with COMPAS and Adobe Sign.


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