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Office Instant Messaging

Ping is an internal chat tool developed by COMPAS, for COMPAS.

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Ping is an internal office instant messaging chat tool developed by COMPAS, for COMPAS. Ping was created in order to increase efficiency, focus and collaboration among you and your internal team members.


One of the key benefits that results from office instant messaging is increased efficiency among team members. With office instant messaging, there is no need to compose an email, make a phone call or walk across the office just to ask a question, give / receive feedback and / or schedule meetings. This can now be done in a way that is far simpler… Just Ping me.


Because Ping is a chat application that lives directly within COMPAS, the burden of dealing with pesky messages from contacts outside of the workplace is eliminated. Messages you receive will only be from coworkers, which will keep you focused on your work related tasks.


Ping improves communication by connecting everyone in your company. With Ping, employees, managers and executives can participate in two-way dialogues, driving collaboration throughout the entire organization.

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