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New Talent Search

In today’s job market, finding the right talent requires speed and precision. COMPAS has re-designed Talent Search to allow users to fully optimize their own database and drastically reduce the time it takes

to find talent. Great Search + Great Talent Engagement = Great Hires

New Applicant Search

Did you know?

Your database is filled with talent already pre-qualified by a member of your team, yet 64% of ATS/CRM users don’t search their own talent pool first. Why? Because most recruiting platforms do not enable users to search effectively, and as a result, have made it more difficult for recruiters to find the right talent.

Why is search important?

Robust talent search engines enable recruiters to find and engage with talent faster, which leads to higher quality hires. Due to the subpar search functionality of most ATS/CRM platforms, recruiters will start their search for candidates outside their own platform. This is an issue because your database is filled with pre-qualified talent, and by not capitalizing on candidates you already have at your fingertips, you’re wasting time and money.

How can this be solved?

This can be resolved by leveraging a platform with advanced search technology. A great talent search engine will enable you to choose from a wide array of criteria (education, work history, geographic location, etc.) so that you can narrow down your talent pool and engage with top prospects instantly. If your Talent CRM is inhibiting you from easily, quickly, and effectively sourcing from your existing candidate pool, it’s time to identify a better recruiting solution.

Do you know about the COMPAS Talent Search Engine?

COMPAS Talent Search turns your database into the go-to place for candidate sourcing, ensuring that you find top talent 5 times faster. With COMPAS, you will find talent easily, engage with candidates fast, and manage those relationships directly within our Talent CRM. Interested in learning how to effectively leverage technology to Search, Engage and Manage the candidate search process? Request a demo today!


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