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New Job Manager

The COMPAS Job Manager app enables HR and recruiting teams to have full visibility into the entire recruiting life-cycle.


Managing open jobs is the foundation of a recruiter’s day, so we have overhauled our Job Manager to ensure that you get started on the right foot. Companies are constantly searching for new talent due to the fact that current employees have shorter tenure, which is why you must be able to fluidly view, manage, and update your requisitions. COMPAS’s new Job Manager was created to allow you to do just that.


The new Job Manager will allow you to organize your jobs and access talent faster. This will enable your recruiters to understand job requirements so that they can source talent and fill your pipeline with the best suited prospects. The new Job Manager is a place where your team can collaborate and manage jobs, to fill positions quickly.

Did you know?

It takes an average of 27 days to fill an open job, which is at an all-time high. But because our new Job Manager makes it easier to sort through and organize candidate applications, you will match talent to openings faster, hire quicker, and get jobs off the board sooner.

Why is requisition management important?

An intuitive job board is necessary to effectively manage job requisitions because it keeps hiring managers and recruiters organized. This page is your go-to hub for the information required in order to hire the best talent and eliminate the unsuitable. Bad hires not only cost money – an average cost upward of $30,000 – but they are detrimental to company culture. The Job Manager will help reduce bad hires, maintain employee retention, and improve the bottom line.

How will you benefit?

Simply put, you will benefit immensely. Below are some key areas which were designed to revolutionize your requisition management:


Simplified searching via predictive search toolbar. Simply type in the specific jobs you’re looking for and the results will populate in real-time.


Once you’ve gathered your results, you can tailor filters in an order that is most favorable to you.


Job badges will notify you where review is necessary for a web applicant, or when an applicant has been nominated or pipelined to that specific job.


If you create a great search string that you will want to leverage in the future, you can quickly save your recent searches for future access.


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