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New Features Coming-up

COMPAS will be unveiling a Mobile Optimized Viewer, a new User Interface for our navigation and real Business Intelligence data.

New Features Coming

COMPAS is excited to announce three major product updates that are sure to be well received by all. Soon, COMPAS will be unveiling a Mobile Optimized Viewer, a new User Interface for our Navigation and real Business Intelligence data.

Mobile Optimized Viewer

Having an ATS that’s accessible on the go is rapidly becoming a standard for the software industry. But having mobile access fully optimized is what places COMPAS above the rest. With us, your cumbersome mobile applications will be a thing of the past. Thanks to our newly overhauled mobile functionality, you will be able to search, locate and quickly contact anyone in COMPAS directly from your mobile device.

iPhone Screenshot

New Navigation to the User Interface

Your time is valuable which is why you need to be able to navigate through your recruiting software as quickly and efficiently as possible. Understanding this, COMPAS knew it was necessary to revamp our user interface in order for our users to get the most out of their workday.


Our research found that it took users an average of 4.75 clicks to get to their desired location. After implementing some subtle changes to the navigation, on average, users will now reach their destination in 2 clicks or less. In addition to the user interface, we improved our systems response time. With these behind the scenes changes, COMPAS will respond faster to your clicks, improving loading and response time by 43%.


We are happy to announce an updated UI that will be a delight for your eyes and your daily productivity.


Real Business Intelligence

Successful businesses have a thorough view and understanding of their past, present and future performance. Business Intelligence enables you to predict trends, providing you the power to set targets for tomorrow. Our mission is to create an in-depth recruiting analytics platform that delivers a competitive advantage to your company.


We are looking forward to implementing these changes and hope you are as happy with the new and improved COMPAS as we are.


Happy Recruiting!

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