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71% of companies fail to re-engage with existing contacts due to the difficulty that arises when attempting to search their database.

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Your team has filled COMPAS with customers and contacts and in order to work efficiently, you need to be able to easily search, sort, and target customers fast. Our CRM Search boasts intelligent search which is a highly effective and intuitive search engine built-in to the COMPAS platform, making it easier than ever to discover the right people for your open jobs.

What is Intelligent Search?

COMPAS has optimized search by making all available search criteria accessible from one search bar. When you start typing, COMPAS will predict, suggesting in real-time, all possible results for you. Searches can be tailored to pull a variety of CRM terms to help you promptly locate the information you set out find. A few of the impressive features COMPAS CRM Search delivers are:


Configure Search Results. Select the criteria you want pinned to your search results page and easily drag and drop the columns to reorder the results most pertinent to you.

Auto-saves Recent Searches. COMPAS automatically saves your most recent searches so that you can quickly pick-up where you left off.

Contact Profile Preview. Via slide-out windows, view profiles, create jobs, add tasks, and notate activities.

Narrow Search Results in Seconds. With our broad list of search terms, you can choose the ones most pertinent to you to easily find what you’re looking for.

Perform Mass Actions. From adding activities, to merging profiles, to sending emails, by being able to perform various activities in bulk saves you loads of time.

How will you benefit?

COMPAS search was designed to ensure consistent communication by allowing you to quickly pull and sort through search results. Simplified searching via predictive search toolbar means that all you need to do is type in the company or contact you’re looking for and the results will populate in real-time. Once results have been found, you can tailor filters in an order that is most favorable to you.


Our highly configurable search engine responds in sub-second time, working seamlessly so that you can focus on being able to better manage relationships. Your recruiting success has just been fast-tracked.

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