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New Contractor Timesheets

Getting contractors to submit timesheets on-time starts with an intuitive and

accessible time & attendance system.

To keep your back-office running smoothly, COMPAS has redesigned our timesheet and attendance portal with ease of access in mind. You will benefit from a streamlined timesheet process, quick expense approvals, and unified purchase order processing via COMPAS’ fully automated and mobile Time & Attendance System.



Perhaps the most significant feature of this enhancement. Whether you’re a consultant submitting time and expenses, or a manager needing to access timesheets for approval, you can do so from anywhere, on any mobile device. With COMPAS Time & Attendance, being away from your desk won’t cause a slowdown in the pay and approval of consultant’s time and expenses.


Better Time Entry Experience

To simplify time entry, contractors may do so via drop-down menu or manually. Another feature is the option to use short codes as a way to expedite the submittal process. For example, users can type “8a” and the system will recognize that as 8:00 AM. This nice-to-have serves to increase speed of entry.


Further reducing the manual burden associated with logging time and attendance is the ability for contractors to save a default week configuration and apply that configuration to all weeks going forward. This allows consultants to apply default times for the week and bypass manual time entry.


Automated Notification Process

Consultants and managers can be notified via email immediately after a process is started. Emails are auto-generated and sent to managers once a contractor submits time for approval. On the other side, candidates are notified when a manager approves or rejects their time.



Our tracking component stands out in three key areas:


Vacation / Leave Time – leave types are configurable per job and per individual.

Breaks – consultants may enter multiple breaks per day and track the start and end times of each.

Expenses – in a contractor’s timesheet, expense tracking is configurable and can be tailored to various expense types. Additionally, receipts/expenses can be directly uploaded from here.


Notation Capture

Consultants and managers have the option to enter and log notes at any time. For example, consultants may enter a note when they submit their timesheet, or, managers can add a note when rejecting or accepting a timesheet. Our timesheet functionality also logs all timesheet events to allow up to the minute auditing.


Whether you’re a contractor submitting time and expenses or a manager trying to stay on top of your back-office process, COMPAS’ fully mobile time & attendance portal will increase efficiency and output.

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