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Managing Candidate Engagement

Leveraging software with a Talent CRM simplifies recruiting management, increases talent engagement, and promotes the development of long lasting candidate relationships.

Managing Candidate Engagment_Talent CRM

Build & Manage a Talent Network

By creating a strong talent pipeline, you have a pool of readily accessible and engaged passive and active candidates. A talent pipeline will save time and keep your team moving forward. Why? Because you will no longer need to start at square one for each requisition.

Why is a Talent CRM Important?

The pipeline that you create should be a pool of engaged candidates who trust you, and whom you trust. Pipelining talent fosters relationship building and simplifies candidate management, which results in a noticeable reduction in the time it takes to hire. However, in order to make the most out of your connections, you need one centralized location where you can organize, manage, and submit your talent.


Additionally, true Talent CRM software should bring all recruiting channels into one location. These channels include: candidates that have applied, internal candidate referrals, pre-qualified candidates, candidates sourced by recruiters, and more.

How Can This Be Solved?

Through a Talent CRM, managing and engaging with potential candidates becomes considerably easier. A proven Talent CRM platform enables you to build long term relationships, automate your pipeline and create a trusted talent community.

The COMPAS Talent CRM Can Help

COMPAS provides access to a true Talent CRM to manage candidate pools and monitor where prospects are within the process. Check out our Talent CRM in action below:

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