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Improved User Interface

Not only will you find the user experience to be more uniform throughout the

application, you will also experience faster load times.

Improved User Interface

COMPAS is passionate about delivering the best recruiting and talent management software available by continually enhancing user’s experience, which is why we’re very excited to announce the release of our new user interface. This is the first phase in our improved user interface enhancements.


What you will see in this first phase are improvements that bring greater consistency to the iconography, color pallets, window panes and user experience controls. You will find the user experience to be more uniform throughout the application, with the added bonus of faster load times. While the icons and button styles have improved visually, they will remain in the same locations as you are accustomed to. This will maintain a consistent user experience.


As with all of our product updates and enhancements, this update does not require customer migrations, forms to be filled out, upgrade costs or system requirement changes. You will also continue to enjoy COMPAS on your favorite browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer) and devices (Mac, PC, Tablet or Mobile). Lastly, this upgrade will not degrade any existing functionality or require additional training.


The improvements are found in the following areas:

User Controls

Our revamped user controls put you in charge of what details you will see on each page. With expandable and collapsible headings and rows, you are able to minimize – or maximize – the details which are most pertinent to you.



Job Details

The screenshot below gives you the best overall view of the UI upgrades we will be making. You will notice our new buttons and modern accent coloring, which are standardized throughout COMPAS.



Icons | Applicant Profile

A great place to see several of our new icons is in an Applicant Profile. They are tidy, subdued, yet easily located. Though they’re completely new, they also look very familiar.


Icons _Applicant Profile

Iconography | Last 10 and Quick Search

Icons in the Last 10 Locations drop-down now have labels to help you distinguish them from one another. Additionally, the Quick Search results now have labels to help you identify which type of profile they are.



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