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Integration with Adobe Cloud Sign

“Adobe Cloud E-Sign Services is an e-signing solution that accelerates signature-based processes by as much as 80%.”

Adobe eSign Integration

How You Will Benefit

COMPAS Technology offers an integration with Adobe Cloud Sign Services to send all on-boarding documentation and contracts while synchronizing into COMPAS. Once sent, recipients can then e-sign the necessary documents from their computer or mobile device, instantly. After the documents are signed, they are automatically stored in the appropriate locations within COMPAS profiles. Together, COMPAS and Adobe Cloud make your candidate or client onboarding processes faster and far more efficient.

About Adobe Cloud Sign

Adobe Cloud Sign Service (formerly E-Sign) brings trusted e-signatures to your organization and makes 100%-digital workflows a reality. It integrates with the entire Adobe Document Cloud portfolio of solutions. And it’s the only e-sign solution that lets you create secure digital document processes across your entire organization — while partnering with a single vendor.

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