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Integration to Rigzone

The COMPAS Corporate Platform Creates Direct Integration to Rigzone.


The integration to the Rigzone platform allows you to post jobs to Rigzone and their affiliate sites across the web. The objective was to leverage Rigzone’s more than 1.4 million member community to help oil and and gas industry employers find and hire the best possible talent. Through COMPAS, the talent search is streamlined to time saving one-step posting process.

How this Simplifies the Job Posting Process

To streamline this process, COMPAS features a pre-built integration which allows for one-click job posting. Once the position has been filled, you are able to manage and remove positions directly through COMPAS, saving you time on the back end.

About Rigzone

Rigzone is a leading online resource in oil & gas delivering news, jobs, targeted recruitment services, advertising, events, and data. Since 1999, Rigzone has developed a thoroughly engaged community of 1.4+ million members, interested in industry news and jobs; a truly unique platform. Their outlook and reach is global, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, London, Dubai, Singapore and Perth.

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