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Integrate with QuickBooks Online

COMPAS is one of the first Applicant Tracking Systems to directly integrate with QuickBooks Online.

An integration that will cut your payroll process in half.

QuickBooks Online

How You Will Benefit

Our integration with QuickBooks Online is far more than just a nice to have feature, it is a partnership that will benefit you immensely. With seamless electronic transferring of timesheet and company data into your invoicing system, two notoriously lengthy processes have been automated, saving an invaluable amount of time.


Gone are the days of downloading files and manually entering into your invoicing system. After integrating your QuickBooks Online account with COMPAS, a single click can perform any of these time-consuming tasks:


Sync Chart of Accounts, Items and Payment Terms with your QuickBooks Online account.


Create Customers & Contacts in QuickBooks Online from the company data stored in COMPAS.


Instantly Bill Your Clients with invoices that include timesheet attachments without ever leaving COMPAS.


Full Automation guarantees that we can effectively eliminate the manual creation of invoices and time records.


Integrate with QuickBooks Online to automate your workflow, reduce transcription errors, and roll through your invoicing process.


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