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Improve Interview Efficiency

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Why do you need an interview guide?

Implementing an interview guide simplifies the interview process by keeping everyone organized and the interview process moving. Being equipped for interviews saves your company time and ensures that you and your team are properly vetting talent. In addition, by having a set interview protocol, it makes both the interview team and candidate happier, and gets positions filled faster.

How do interview guides improve candidate experience?

If a candidate’s interview experience is poor, it reflects negatively on your employer brand. But by having interview guides in place, it not only ensures a well-executed procedure, it also makes the candidate feel respected. Keeping interviews organized, your group will earn respect amongst the job searching community. Whether an interviewer gets the job or not, you want to show your company in the best light possible, and this starts with a candidate’s interview experience.

COMPAS Interview Kits have you covered

From scheduling meetings to obtaining candidate feedback, COMPAS Interview Kits have bundled your entire interview process, turning your organization into a well-oiled hiring machine. COMPAS Interview Kits come equipped with meeting logistics, calendar invites, agendas, automated distribution of candidate documentation and resumes, interview questions, and candidate feedback forms. From before the interview, during the interview, to after the interview, Interview Kits have got you covered.


So for your next round of interviews, create an Interview Kit to prepare your team, keep them organized, speedup the hiring process and deliver a wonderful interview experience to your candidates.

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