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HR Cloud Onboard Partnership

Prepare new hires to excel from day one and set them on a trajectory toward lasting

success with HR Cloud’s Onboard.

In our ongoing effort to streamline the day-to-day of recruiting professionals, we are pleased to announce another key partnership to the COMPAS platform. Welcome, HR Cloud!

How You Will Benefit

This integration brings HR Cloud’s industry-leading onboarding software to COMPAS users. HR Cloud’s Onboard platform propels newly placed applicants to immediate productivity with task automation, customizable portals, forms, and checklists. Plus, HR admins benefit from actionable, company-wide reporting on onboarding processes. Immerse and engage employees in their new roles from day one with Onboard.


COMPAS + HR Cloud saves you money on recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees.

About HR Cloud Onboard

HR Cloud’s Onboard delivers an onboarding experience to new employees that immerses them into company culture and propels them into productivity. With Workmates by HR Cloud, available for free in the both app stores, connects your employees and increases engagement. Great things happen when teams are connected and communicating. Ideas flow freely, employees bond together, and productivity goes up. That’s what Workmates is all about.


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