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Glassdoor Integration

This dynamic partnership has resulted in numerous features that will help you find

candidates and fill positions quickly and efficiently.


This dynamic partnership has resulted in numerous features that will help you find candidates and fill positions quickly and efficiently. The objective was simple: leverage Glassdoor’s first person insight into more than 250,000 companies while using COMPAS’s platform to take your recruiting process to the next level. With the Glassdoor integration you will experience seamless distribution of open positions to Glassdoor’s job page and an automatic append feature onto your Glassdoor company page. From that stems a vast increase of well-informed candidates applying directly to you.

How this Simplifies the Job Posting Process

To streamline this process, COMPAS features a pre-built integration which allows for one-click job posting. Once posted, COMPAS provides automatic candidate source tracking providing you with insight into how candidates found your positions. After the position has been filled, you are able to manage and remove postings across multiple job boards directly through COMPAS, saving you time on the back end.

Why We Partnered with Glassdoor

Here at COMPAS we feel you should have the most innovative recruiting tools, so it’s only natural to align ourselves with a company that shares this vision. The partnership between COMPAS and Glassdoor makes posting your positions onto Glassdoor’s jobs page fast and seamless. In addition, you will experience strong company branding through Enhanced Employer Profiles, Social Recruiting via JobAds and detailed reports of brand awareness and reputation, candidate demographics, insight into the competition and much more.

About Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor is a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. What sets them apart is their “employee generated content” – anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more – all posted by employees, job seekers, and sometimes the companies themselves. Now with nearly 5 million salaries and reviews, job seekers have all the information they need to make their next career decision.


Plus, with Glassdoor’s proprietary JobScope™ technology, job seekers have a new way to browse job listings and get instant, in-depth details for any job listing. They take job seekers beyond the information provided in your typical job description by seamlessly integrating salaries and reviews posted by employees, as well uncovering any Inside Connections™ they may have through their friends on Facebook. No other career or jobs site offers such detailed information about specific jobs at specific companies – all for free.

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