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Enhanced QBO Integration

The COMPAS and QuickBooks Online integration will reduce the time it takes to process and distribute invoices. By synchronizing your invoice data between QBO and COMPAS, tracking the time and attendance process of temporary and permanent employees is seamless and secure.


Simplified Filtering


Back office teams can locate timecards in the contractor pay report by week ending date, status and employment type. These filtering options makes the search for timecards as easy as ever. Additionally, any of the available columns can be displayed or hidden as well as sorted by.


Process Payroll & Create Invoices as Needed


Gone are the days of waiting for that last timecard to be approved or for the following week’s payroll to close before you can send invoices for your permanent placements. With our QBO integration, process pay exclusively to any contractor, and run invoicing any time you need.


Separate Invoicing Options


Back office teams may also invoice immediately following a permanent placement. The ability to separating perm placements from contractor timesheets eliminates the lag time between invoicing a permanent placement and processing contractor pay and invoicing. And, with custom billing cycles, there is no invoicing scenario or client request that COMPAS can’t handle.


Let the COMPAS integration with QuickBooks Online reduce the time you spend processing payroll and invoicing clients.


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