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Create Interview Kits

Create Interview Kits

For your next round of interviews, create an Interview Kit to prepare your team, keep them organized and most importantly, speedup the hiring process.

Interview Kits

When you create Interview Kits, you are sure to keep everyone organized and the interview process moving along. From scheduling to obtaining candidate feedback, our interview kits will turn your interview process into a well-oiled, highly efficient, new employee hiring machine.

Before the Interview
  • Meeting Logistics
  • Calendar Invitation
  • Interview Agenda


You found the person you want to bring in and now it’s time to get your teams availability, schedule the meetings and coordinate the interview details. Once a day has been set, send an interview invitation to all those who will be involved. This invitation will be added to their calendar and tell each interviewer the day, time, location and any details they may need to conduct their portion of the screening.

During the Interview
  • Candidate Resumes & Documentation
  • Interview Questions


Make sure your team is prepared. Many times candidates have multiple resumes and work related documents detailing their experience; documents that should be seen by all. Our Interview Kits give you the ability to attach and send multiple documents (resumes, portfolios, job descriptions, etc.) to the invitation for each interviewer to have handy while they are conducting the meeting. Additionally, you can include questions to be asked to ensure your team keeps the screening process aligned and organized.

After the Interview
  • Candidate Feedback Forms
  • Feedback Form Reminders
  • Faster Interview Process


Once everyone has met with the candidate, you want to hear their thoughts. Due to busy schedules, coordinating a time to debrief about the candidate can be a tall order.

Luckily, our kits come armed with Feedback Forms which are automatically sent with the interview invite to ensure timely feedback from your interview team. Still not hearing their thoughts? Don’t worry as these forms will be automatically re-sent until they are filled out. These are configurable via the template editor allowing you to create forms with specific questions you want answered from your team. Another great feature is that these are uniquely modifiable and can be tailored for each interviewer. Meaning, you can change feedback questions for each person whom the candidate met with, giving you a wide range of feedback.

When the candidate and interview details are in place, simply save, send and invite the interviewers with the click of a button. Our Interview Kits have just bundled your entire interview process. So for your next round of interviews, create an Interview Kit to prepare your team, keep them organized and most importantly, speedup the hiring process.


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