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COMPAS Q1 2016 Wrap-Up

San Francisco, CA. April 27, 2016 – COMPAS Technology, a leading provider of cloud-based recruiting software, kicked off 2016 with a set of product innovations which have changed the face of COMPAS. “COMPAS is relentlessly focused on innovation and holds an extremely high bar on delivering new features. We’re very excited about our recent release of products this last quarter and are even more excited for what will be coming next.” said Randy Atkins, CTO.


Building on momentum from an impressive 2015, the first quarter of 2016 saw the release of our best product enhancement releases to date:


New Dashboard – Our new Dashboard offers widget functionality, allowing you to configure your entry page and providing you with a heads-up display of the most pertinent items on your daily agenda. By affording our users the option to create an individualized home screen, we are confident that the new COMPAS Dashboard will result in a more effective and productive work day.


CRM Search – COMPAS’s CRM Search boasts intelligent search which is a highly effective and intuitive search engine built into the COMPAS platform. This is an optimized feature which has made all available search criteria accessible from one search bar. Meaning that when you start typing, COMPAS will predict, suggesting in real-time, all possible results for you. Our highly configurable search engine responds in sub-second time, working seamlessly so that you can focus on being able to better manage relationships and fast track the recruiting cycle.


New Profiles – Our research has found three key metrics where recruiting efficiency can be positively affected: application responsiveness, data visibility, and UI flexibility. As a result of those findings, COMPAS redesigned our profile screens to capitalize on each of these key metrics. With our new profiles, users will move through the recruiting process in a more fluid way.


Job Board – Job Manager will allow you to organize your jobs and access talent faster. This will enable your recruiters to understand job requirements so that they can source talent and fill your pipeline with the best suited prospects. The new Job Manager is a place where your team can collaborate and manage jobs, to fill positions quickly.


Zendesk Implementation – With an increase in customers and the release thousands of platform enhancements, COMPAS has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years. As we continue to expand, it’s extremely important that we maintain the highest quality of support to all of our customers.


Board of Directors – We are pleased to welcome both John Lillig and Paul McDonald to COMPAS’s Board of Directors. The addition of John and Paul brings a wealth of entrepreneurial acclaim across a spectrum of products and industries. With their direction, they will help COMPAS build upon our foundation and expand the platform’s success.


The release of the above product enhancements are all part of our ongoing effort to give users the best recruiting experience available. COMPAS allows you to adjust and configure the system to match your workflow, which makes using the application truly instinctive.


About COMPAS Technology

COMPAS is for companies (both Corporate Recruiting Departments & Recruiting Agencies) who know that hiring great talent is a vital part of the organizations success. COMPAS is an end-to-end recruiting software platform that delivers a modern user experience to help companies plan, organize, execute and capture the right data to improve recruiting performance.


Unlike the old recruiting software incumbents, COMPAS is designed from the recruiter’s perspective to effectively source & engage talent, conduct focused interviews, and measure the results to constantly in order to improve recruiting productivity and quality of hires.


Our cloud based software is used by more than 400 companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada to help Talent Acquisition and Human Resource professionals streamline the hiring process.

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