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Career Page Metrics

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Career Sites are a great first impression for your company as it provides you a chance to show off company culture and all that you offer your employees. But vanity aside, there is a behind the scenes aspect to the Careers Page crucial to achieving your bottom line; metric reporting. In order to get the most out of job postings you need a Career Site that gives you the ability to track the following key metrics:

Traffic to Site

Being able to measure the number of visitors that come to your site will help you optimize your job marketing efforts. If you know where people are coming from, you will be able to allocate job posting dollars to the external sites which attract the most potential applicants directly to you.

Visitor Interaction

Now that you know how people found your Career Page, you want to be able to see how visitors are interacting with your site. Are they clicking on your job postings? If so, how many are they opening? If they’re interacting with your job descriptions, are they completing the application? Being able to see these metrics answers important questions that will help you optimize your landing page so that it appeals to job applicants, not just job lookers.


If you have a lot of traffic to your page but very a low application submittal percentage, you know that something is wrong. By being able to actualize this metric you can make adjustments to the presentation and/or construction of your job descriptions to make them something worth applying to.


With the right metrics from your Career Site you have all the information you need to successfully market open jobs, manage the candidate process, monitor requisition development, and improve recruiting efforts.


Click Here to learn more about COMPAS metrics reporting.

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