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Built-in Video Interviewing

Conduct live video interviews without having to download a third party VoIP service. There is

no dialing in, no downloading requirements, and there is no leaving COMPAS.

BuiltIn Video Interview

COMPAS Recruiting Software is designed to streamline the hiring and screening process by offering a platform with an array of features accessible directly from within our suite; features such as web meetings and video interviewing. With COMPAS’s built-in video interviewing, you can conduct live webcam meetings without having to download a third party VoIP service such as Skype. Through the simple act of eliminating the need for a third party application, we have just made your life much easier.


Long gone are the days of having to deal with the fickle nature of third party applications wasting your valuable time. Joining a COMPAS web meeting is quick! Once you receive an email with the meeting request, you will be prompted to enter your name, and then voila! You are conferenced into the meeting. There is no dialing in, no downloading requirements, and there is no leaving COMPAS.

Not only did we enhance on our current video interviewing capabilities, but we also developed some impressive new features. Now when you jump into a video meeting via COMPAS, you will notice:

Superior Video and Audio Quality:

Audio and visual quality so clear, it’s as though you’re meeting in person.

Quick Reference Tabs:

To give users the ability to quickly reference pertinent information, we felt it was necessary to create quick reference tabs. These tabs contain information for: Meeting Notes, Documentation (any uploaded documents that may be relevant to the meeting, such as resumes and job descriptions), Messaging / Chat window for real-time collaboration, and a User Guide for you to reference in case you have any questions or issues when using COMPAS Web Meeting.

Aesthetic Appearance:

By studying user-flow, we have revamped the meeting layout to ensure an organic experience. By tuning up the imagery and reducing clutter, we present to you a distraction free video meeting experience, keeping you and your team effortlessly moving through your interviews and meetings.

With COMPAS built-in video interviewing, everyone is there.


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