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COMPAS Spotlight Search

Would you like your recruiting software to comb through your favorite job boards and have perfect candidate matches automatically delivered to you? With a click, COMPAS Spotlight Search will do just that.

On average, 15% of a recruiter’s time is spent sourcing new candidates. That means more than 6.5 hours of your week is spent going through the job boards. Let Spotlight Search do that for you.

Preview the Results

Once the search has concluded, viewing the results is painless. With the ability to preview each resume before uploading into COMPAS, you can make sure they contains the experience you’re looking for; ensuring that you only populate COMPAS with the most ideal candidates. Don’t have enough time to review all of your matches in one sitting? No problem. Just save the search and review the pulled resumes as your leisure.

Fill COMPAS with the Best

Once the search results have been evaluated, quickly import the candidates who you would like to pipeline for this opportunity.


Search, evaluate, and import. With COMPAS Spotlight, not only are you doing the work of two people, you are doing so in in less than half of the time.

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